Natural Medicine evaluations via Muscle Response testing. This is a simple, non invasive method to determine the body's deficiencies and imbalances, and determine which nutritional supplements will restore function and balance.
Acupuncture is included with each full session (60 or more minutes).


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  • New Patient First Visit $180
    First time: detailed discussion of case history and current symptoms. Muscle response testing to determine body's preferred sequence of healing (worst imbalances have priority), and which nutritional supplements bring balance..Acupuncture included if desired or supportive. Assessment of healing time needed, typically 3-6 months. 90 Minutes 
  • Package Deal: First 3 Visits Pre-pay $336
    Save 20% off first three visits if you pre-pay all 3.
  • Follow Up Evaluation $120
    Follow up Muscle testing session to determine body imbalance: hormone, organ, digestive, nervous system, etc. Healing is layered, each visit new weaknesses will show. Symptom analysis, track patient progress. New supplements determined. 
    Acupuncture if desired or determined beneficial. 60 minutes 
  • Acupuncture Only $100
    Acupuncture only without muscle response testing or supplements, available as a followup service. (First time patients must use New Patient First Visit) 60 minutes 
  • Phone Session Follow Up $120
    Check in on phone or Skype, Annie will use herself as a conduit to test you as she talks to you. 
  • New Patient First Phone Session $180
    First appointment via phone or Skype, Annie will use herself as a conduit to test you as she talks to you. Based on symptoms and muscle response testing, she will determine your initial treatment protocol and level of nutrition. Supplements will be mailed via USPS, additional shipping and handling charge of $12-15. Allow 60 minutes but phone time may be less, 30-50 minutes.
  • Quick Check $70
    Short (up to 30 minute) session for followup clients, after at least three full visits. Only if 1-3 symptoms or health issue, will need longer time (60 minutes) if complex or more than three symptoms involved.
  • FREE mini phone consultation Free
    To decide if you’d like to work with Annie, call, text or schedule this short phone appointment. You can briefly tell her your health issues, ask questions, and Annie will tell you how she might work with you, if she has treated these conditions before, and give a sense of  how many treatments it might take to get better. 



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